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TEDxManhattan Registration Now Open

Registration now open! 


On Saturday, February 16th, 2013, TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” will be held at the Times Center in New York City. This one-day TEDx event will explore the food system as we shift to a more sustainable way of eating and farming.  The goal of “Changing the Way We Eat” is to create new synergies, connections and collaborations across disciplines, to unite different areas of the food movement, and to introduce the TEDx audience to the exciting and innovative work being done in this field.   The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming is the lead sponsor for TEDxManhattan.

How to Participate:
1. The TEDxManhattan event will be curated and audience members hand selected so that attendees are a balanced mix of academics, researchers, health professionals, farmers, foodies, chefs, advocates, foundations, public figures and TEDsters, ensuring a diverse audience that can facilitate new ideas and synergies with each other.  To learn how to attend “Changing the Way We Eat,” please visit www.tedxmanhattan.org/apply.   If you are selected to attend the event, the ticket price will be $135.00.

There is no official deadline for registration, but the event has sold out with hundreds of people turned away each year, so please apply early.

2. Host a Viewing Party
In an effort to have as many people as possible participate in TEDxManhattan, the day will be webcast live for free.  TEDxManhattan encourages individuals and groups around the country to set up their own viewing parties. Details about hosting a viewing party can be found on the website at www.tedxmanhattan.org/viewing-parties.  If you are interested in hosting your own event, please email TEDxManhattan@gmail.com.

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Celebrate Food Day with Dinner and Some Ed!

The Glynwood Institute’s Dinner and Some Ed
Are you looking for something to do for Food Day on October 24th?  How about joining The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming at a potluck on the Glynwood Farm in Cold Spring, New York, from 6:00 – 9:00pm or hosting your own Dinner and Some Ed?

What is Dinner and Some Ed?
Dinner and Some Ed is an effort to raise awareness, and enjoyment, of local, sustainable food.  All you need to do is host a meal made from local, sustainable ingredients and show a few videos related to food and farming.  We recommend TED and TEDx videos, especially TEDxManhattan videos.

The dinner can be potluck style, where friends and family participate in making the meal by bringing one dish or beverage; the host can prepare the meal, or you could do a combination of the two.

You are not confined to dinner – your event could be a lunch, brunch, picnic, or breakfast.  The key is to have a computer or mobile device where you can watch the talks and delicious sustainable food to share with friends.

Why Host Dinner and Some Ed?
Like most dinner parties, there will be good friends, good food, and stimulating conversation.  What makes Dinner and Some Ed different is the video talk can serve as a catalyst for conversation, leading to the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Radical changes in agricultural practices have contributed to climate change, air, water and soil pollution, abuse of antibiotics, animal cruelty, and widespread obesity.  Serving sustainable food is a way to examine these problems and possible solutions.

And the food simply tastes better!

What To Do
Use your imagination when creating your dinner.  Some suggestions include:

  • Choose four talks and watch one before sitting down to each course.  You can have a bit of fun matching the talk with the course by incorporating some aspect of the talk into your ingredient selection.  Over each course you and your guests can discuss the talks or your experience finding the ingredients and preparing the food.  Encourage your guests to make their dish with ingredients from their local farmers market.  Have them share which farms they bought their food from.
  • Encourage your guests to buy meat, cheese, milk, or eggs that are either certified organic, humanely raised, or antibiotic free.
  • Challenge your guests to make a meal from only local ingredients (sourced within 200 miles from where they live).  Ask them to bring the recipe to their dish along with where they sourced the food.  Give a prize to the dish with the most locally sourced ingredients or the ingredient sourced from the closest place.
  • Ask your guests to come with their favorite video and let them host that particular part of the meal and the video.  Have them explain why they chose that particular talk.
  • Take your guests to a farmers market and have them split up into four groups.  Give each group a certain amount of money, e.g., $20, and tell them to buy ingredients for a particular course.  The groups will then cook their part of the meal together and present to the rest of the guests.  Make it even more fun and ask them to name their dish also!

After your meal, post up a review of your event on the Dinner and Some Ed site.

Happy Food Day!

TEDxManhattan 2012 now on DVD

The Glynwood Institute is pleased to offer DVD’s of TEDxManhattan 2012, “Changing the Way We Eat” free of charge to anyone interested in using the talks for non-commercial, educational purposes. Read the full release after the jump: Continue reading

Food Revolution Day

Food Revolution Day is the Jamie Oliver Foundation and Jamie Oliver Food Foundation’s first-ever global day of action. It is a chance for people who love food to come together to share information, talents and resources; to pass on their knowledge and highlight the world’s food issues. It’s about connecting the community through events at schools, restaurants, local businesses, dinner parties and farmers’ markets. The Foundations want to inspire change in people’s food habits and to promote the mission for better food and education for everyone.

Dinner and Some Ed is an effort to raise awareness (and to enjoy!) local sustainable food by hosting a meal and showing a TED or TEDx video on food and farming. “Dinner” is a relative term- this can also be done as a brunch, lunch, picnic, or potluck. The key is just to have a computer or a mobile device where you can watch the talks while enjoying delicious, sustainable food.

Dinner and Some Ed came out of a project called Tedibles at TEDActive in Palm Springs, CA, in 2012. It is an effort to bring sustainable food to the extended TED community (meaning anyone who’s ever watched a TED talk).

Food Revolution Day on May 19th is the perfect time to host your first dinner and to join the global movement. Continue reading

Dinner and Some Ed

Dinner and Some Ed is a new Glynwood Institute initiative that aims to raise awareness, and enjoyment, of local, sustainable food.  People are encouraged to host a meal made from local, sustainable food and show a few videos, with a highlight being TEDTalks both on TED.com and the TEDx Channel.  What makes Dinner and Some Ed different is the TEDTalk can serve as the catalyst for conversation, leading to the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

The first Dinner and Some Ed party was held on Earth Day, you can read about it here.


Watch TEDxManhattan Online

Watch TEDxManhattan online at http://www.livestream.com/tedx on January 21st from 10:30am – 5:15pm est.

Find out more on the Media page on the TEDxManhattan website.

TEDxManhattan Viewing Party

Host a viewing party for TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat”!  It’s simple – invite some friends over and together watch the video at www.livestream.com/tedx on January 21st from 10:30am – 5:15pm EST.  You can email and send us photos throughout the day – we’ll read selected emails out to the audience.  Join us!

TEDxManhattan Challenge Finalists

TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” planning is well underway, with 14 speakers confirmed, the venue in place and food details underway.  We’ve also chosen our five finalists for the TEDxManhattan Challenge – we challenged people last year to work in their community anywhere in the United States on a project related to sustainable food and farming.

We received around 40 applications from all over the country and have narrowed it down to the final five.  The winner will get to speak live from stage at the 2012 TEDxManhattan event.  If you would like to vote for your favorite, please email your choice by December 5th to TEDxManhattanChallenge@gmail.com.

We’re also encouraging everyone to set up a local viewing party to watch the event live – if you’d like to watch, please tune in to our broadcast on January 21st at www.livestream.com/tedx.  Better yet, set up a viewing party in your neighborhood and invite friends over to watch the talks with you.  You can find out more information about viewing parties and setting one up at http://tedxmanhattan.org/viewing-parties/.

The five TEDxManhattan Challenge finalists  are:

1.  Natasha Bowens, The Color of Food – http://thecolorofood.org/home.html   She’s spent the past year creating a space for farmers and food activists of color to connect, work together and share stories, history and traditional knowledge. The Color of Food is a space to raise the voices of communities of color in the movement for food justice.

2.  Rick Nahmias, Food Forward – http://foodforward.org/  In 2.5 years they have become Southern California’s largest backyard harvesting for the hungry NPO. Food Forward organizes corps of between 3 and 300 volunteers to harvest excess food from private homes and public spaces, donating 100% to the hungry.

3.  Amie Hamlin, New York Coalition for Healthy School Food – http://www.healthyschoolfood.org/  New York Coalition for Healthy School Food has been working with the New York City Office of SchoolFood (they spell it as one word) in a formal partnership for the last few years to develop and introduce plant-based entrees to serve as the protein component in school lunches. They are doing this in 18 schools and have a waiting list of 48 schools.

4.  Howard Hinterthuer, Veteran’s Food Production Project
Their organic therapy project for veterans, now in its fourth year, is transitioning into a food production program designed to supplement and eventually replace food that they currently purchase through vendors.

5.  Billy Mawhiney, Fresh Mitchell – http://freshmitchell.info/   Fresh Mitchell is a group aimed at changing the way rural Mitchell, South Dakota, eats. They began marketing their Farmers Market, got accepted for SNAP and credit cards, and began a CSA through a 5th generation farm about 30 miles away (called the Goosemobile). They recently hosted their first Fall Harvest Celebration, a night of Old Fashioned fireside stories from the South Dakota food movement to raise funds for an edible classroom, demo area for the market and CSA support.

Please email your favorite finalist by December 5th to TEDxManhattanChallenge@gmail.com.